Expressions Yoga Mats

What does Yoga mean to you? At Liforme, we create innovative Yoga products that express our gratitude and gratefulness. 

Discover our Expressions collection today, with all versions also available as Travel Yoga Mats and Yoga Pads.

Portrait view of Gratitude Grey Yoga mat from Liforme
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Portrait view of Gratitude Grey Yoga mat from Liforme

Liforme Gratitude Mat - Grey

from $215.00


TRULY GRATEFUL. Featuring our usual unrivalled grip and a new embellished etching design inspired by the theme of ‘Gratitude’ consisting of prayer hands and blossoming lotus flowers at the centre of the alignment guide. Available in our popular grey an...

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Express yourself through Yoga

Our Expressions range allows you to reflect what Yoga means to you.

Gratitude, Happiness or Love: our expressions Yoga Mats are constructed from a non-PVC, biodegradable material and incorporate our unique alignment system.

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