Orange Yoga Mats

Liforme's sustainable non-slip black Yoga mats provide the ultimate grip for your practice and feature our unique and original alignment system to guide and support your practice. Biodegradable, non-toxic and PVC-free all Liforme Yoga Mats are truly Planet friendly.
Our full range of Yoga Mats also includes Pink Yoga Mats, Purple Yoga Mats and Red Yoga Mats.

Portrait view of Happiness Yoga mat from Liforme
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Portrait view of Happiness Yoga mat from Liforme

Liforme Happiness Travel Mat - Vibrant Orange

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Introducing the travel size version of our vibrant orange 'Liforme Happiness Mat' featuring a sunshine mandala at the centre of the mat, and our reverse points have been transformed into bluebirds of happiness flying around the sun. This bright colour & beautiful etching design create the ...

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